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Zasady kluczowe

Zasady kluczowe
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  1. Zarządzanie klasą
  2. Budowanie relacji
  3. Klimat w klasie
  4. Nauczanie zindywidualizowane
  5. Relacje dom-szkoła

1. Classroom Management
1.1. Flow and continuity: don’t let behaviour interrupt lessons or work in classroom, by trying to go on and deal with behaviour at the same time
1.2. Attention: Pay attention to and praise in whole class positive behaviour or behaviour you want more of.
1.3. Proactively: Solving problems on low levels (private, low voice, near the pupil, before or after class)
1.4. Progression: Build up a system of managing behaviour (looks at, use signs, get nearer the pupil, talk low and inform about the expected behaviour)
1.5. Preactivity: Think out what can happen and be prepared
1.6. Reactivity: Talk to the pupil after lessons and make agreements of what to do next lesson or talk about alternative behaviour or inform upon your reaction/consequences if negative behaviour continues.
1.7. Matching: Sort out that your reaction adjusted and seems reasonable to the problematic behaviour.
1.8. Timing: Deal with the problematic behaviour as soon as possible.
1.9. Momentum: Be sure that you organise activities and give messages in natural following sequences.
1.10. Anchoring and futuring: What have we done and learnt, what went good last time and what are we going to learn and do today or in this lesson.
1.11. Breaking patterns: Look for behaviour-patterns between pupils or between you and the pupils and try to break them by doing something else than you normally do.
1.12. Remembering: Write all your messages and prescriptions for work on the blackboard or on the working sheet.