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Zasady kluczowe

Zasady kluczowe
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  1. Zarządzanie klasą
  2. Budowanie relacji
  3. Klimat w klasie
  4. Nauczanie zindywidualizowane
  5. Relacje dom-szkoła

3. Social Climate
3.1. Increase pupils knowledge of each other by interviewing them, with different activities, circle time, social bingo etc.
3.2. Making 3-5 positive rules in classroom concerning relationship and how to treat each other together with the class.
3.3. Systematic social promotion and evaluation (what the teacher and/or the pupils are satisfied with, good at)
3.4. To promote autonomy by focusing on learning strategies and classroom organisation.
3.5. Peers support: Academic support from other students.
3.6. Systematic positive evaluations after each lesson and each day.
3.7. Cooperation; Do things together (projects, art, performance etc)
3.8. Setting common goals for the class or/and individuals.
3.9. Significant: Use positive pupils as models for other pupils.
3.10. Pupils day, when you are in focus (bring a game, family network or a secret from home)
3.11. Secret friend activity.
3.12. Using cooperative learning strategies (Johnson & Johnson)
3.13. Conflicts solution in the class: To reserve time for and add models for conflict solution in classroom.
3.14. Emotions: To be able to express own emotions, demands, needs and that the social climate allows you to do so.
3.15. To participate in a prosocial action. (Help somebody)
3.16. Decorate the classroom together.
3.17. Classroom organisation (desks, flowers, drawings etc)