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Zasady kluczowe

Zasady kluczowe
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  1. Zarządzanie klasą
  2. Budowanie relacji
  3. Klimat w klasie
  4. Nauczanie zindywidualizowane
  5. Relacje dom-szkoła

4. Adjusted learning
4.1. Choose: Pupils being able to choose between different tasks, different levels or different working strategies. Focus on individual academic cooping. Give the golden 5 pupils tasks which he/she can cope with.
4.2. Green peen: Correcting books and test with a green pen instead of a red one focusing upon what is good, what can be improved etc?
4.3. Private evaluation of pupils, not in front of other pupils or official. Talk with the child in private giving them concrete information of how to improve.
4.4. Focusing on personal learning strategies to improve autonomy in learning process.
4.5. Use of pupils own interests and pupils` own experience when planning lessons.
4.6. Special education within frames of classroom or near connected to the class.
4.7. Using self instructive materials.
4.8. Using systems of pupil’s self-evaluation.
4.9. Pupils as a resource, pupils helping other pupils.
4.10. Giving golden pupils more help in classroom and more attention on academic matters.
4.11. Using work-plan as a way of learning and individualising.