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Impact Evaluation

With the objective of provide an evaluation of the impact of developing GOLDEN courses, explaining the content of the program, different courses were evaluated in Europe.

A total of 15 centers were involved in Golden5 training, that involved a number of 60 teachers. In Spain, from 32 teachers only 13 were ready to take part on the evaluation process. In the other countries all the teachers that received the training finally participate in it, being a total of 41 teachers who carried on within the process. Caracteristics of the courses can be seen in the individual report, in the map next by.

Once teachers decided to be involved in the evaluation process, two sets with different instruments were given to them, one for teachers and other for students. Teacher evaluation includes a following up questionnaire that access the application of the keysteps and a qualitative analsys of them. In order to evaluate students, a set composing of the same questionnaires used in the Pilot study (see instruments) were used with a pre-postest design. The questionnaires were administered at the beginning of the course and at the end of the school year (around 2 to 3 months of different), and included school adjustment (School and I), sefl-esteem (Rosenberg scale), school motivation (motivation and attitudes questionnaire), social succes (sociogram) and school achievement (school marks in June and in December).

This questionnaires were administered to the Golden5 children selected in each class and he total number of Golden5 children involved is 195. In Norway, Spain and Italy, were also passed to all the students in the class, having them a total of 674 students evaluated.