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Click on the map to see evaluation reports from G5 partners and trainers.
Pilot Study (PDF version (en)) Study carry out in 2005 to check out the results of using key-steps, and to try to see any effects on students selected.
Impact Study (PDF version (en)) Study developed in 2006 to check the validity of a Golden Teacher Training Course. Information was collected from teachers, Golden students, Golden class, and Control class.
Microanalysis Beyond the class: Golden Workshop (PDF version (es)) A group of 14 pupils selected as highly problematic in the classes assisted to a Golden Workshop that took place two hours a week in extra-school hours for a total of 30 hours. Results especially related to the effects and need of using keysteps with this type of student are presented. Beyond Europe: GOLDEN5 in Palestine (PDF version (en)) Two teacher training courses have been developed in Palestine, in Gaza and Hebron, the effects have been very positive and teachers and authorities think Golden as the best way to deal with conflicts.
External evaluation The external evaluation is the result of the application of pre-established criteria by one person or team about activities and results of the Project. Through evaluation we expect to do a systematic and objective analysis of phases and results, generated by this Project. This evaluation tries to give a value to the global Project. The proposal design is based on previous decisions adopted by the Project and taken as referents the model CIPP -Context, Input, Process, and Product Evaluations
Golden Competences (PDF version (en))