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Pilot Study

1.- Introduction
Once the key-steps were designed, each partner will apply them in a sample from 2 up to 5 teachers that voluntarily will participate in the project. The objectives are:

    1.Checking if keysteps were using by teachers, and if the process was easy,
    2.Impact on the students, and instruments to assess it.

Students and teachers should be from Secondary Education. Belgium did the pilot study in primary education, therefore data is not integrated in this report, and can be read as country report.

These teachers will held a meeting a week for an hour with the trainers during 6 weeks, understanding the experimental process. These meeting will be at school and results and feelings will be checked. Data about keysteps application it will be collected.
Teachers selected should spend at least 3 hours in the class weekly, and teachers must select five children, according to academic achievement or behavioural problems, always keeping diversity within: two students on the top, one in the middle, and two of them down.
Before and after the intervention student’s social success, school motivation, school adjustment, and self-esteem will be evaluated on the students with a Pretest-Postest- design.